"Their implementation was absolutely impeccable"

— Nate Dierks, Director of Technology, Colourpop

“MJR Analytics were the perfect partners- they provided excellent direction on recommendations for technology that fit our organization, needs, and budgets and their implementation was absolutely impeccable. All work was well defined and expertly documented- I wish all of my vendors worked like MJR Analytics.

When we started out our data warehouse project, we knew that we’d have technology, data quality, and adoption challenges which would make the project stretch out over many months. On top of that we have a pretty lean team, so our capacity was always going to be limited.

MJR Analytics worked directly with our business users to assess needs and define stories, provided an accurate and detailed project plan, and saw everything through to completion with very little project oversight needed.”

"Actionable insights to drive decision-making."

— Charles Armitage, Managing Director,

“We run a marketplace that helps nurses find extra shifts in local nursing homes. We were looking to use data to assess the balance of liquidity within our marketplace and improve the efficiency of user on-boarding.

MJRAnalytics helped us extract data from our platform, blend it with external data sources and draw actionable insights that we now use to drive decision-making.

The project we did with MJRAnalytics allowed us to achieve our stage 1 BI goals quickly and accurately. I was impressed and surprised by how fast we able to start getting useful insights from our data.”